I started painting letters after having my first son, 13 years ago. I had left my job working for a an industry magazine and really was looking for an affordable way to give great gifts while our family survived on one income. Later on, friends began to urge me to try and sell what I was making. They felt it should be more than a hobby or just for my own gift giving. I gave it try and over the years, I have had hundreds of clients as a stay-at-home mom, working on the lettering in my down time. I have worked with the same woodworker for all these years and he's become a friend. What first began as just an order and send payment transaction is now often exchanging family photos and news in between discussing business.

I love what I do, though my first priority is my family that God has given me.
I am a homeschooling mom of three boys and a little girl. My family does own a small business in our town and I work there too.

I am so privileged to know that children all over the country have letters that I painted,
hanging in their rooms. It's been a joy to work with parents.
I believe this lettering is a wonderful investment. Names don't change--so you can use them for years to come--it's actually EXTREMELY cost effective. I have never had one complaint brought to my attention about my work and never have had a return (thank God!)

And, several years ago, I began to do Cake Toppers--which happened simply by the request of my woodworker.
I absolutely am delighted to be decorating lettering for brides and grooms.

Please enjoy my site, and feel free to comment in the FEEDBACK CENTER.


Nursery Decor
Wall Decor - Wall Art
Business Signs - Company Names
Store Department Signs

A great idea if you think you can't afford an entire name--have the first initial done!
This is what I've done for many friends and it really is a priceless gift.

Genuine Wood - for all Wall Lettering
  • Painted to match your decor
  • Ribbon included
  • Can be done in plain finish, distressed or crackled!
  • Sealed with glossy or matte finish.
  • Send me the names or web site links for your bedding
  • Send me digital pictures and I will coordinate the colors for you!
  • After placing an order, I will be happy to send you paint samples
I welcome all questions via email.
Please email pictures of swatches or designs as they will be helpful!
5” and 7” Comic Sans
10” Monotype Corsiva
Curlz MT
6 inch BLOCK (as shown in pics)
and more (any font in MS WORD)
Please allow for 2-4 weeks delivery although I normally ship my orders a lot sooner.
Working within a time frame?
Let me know and I will work with you.